The Beauty of Kelsey…

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The Beauty of Kelsey…

Hello my lovely blog followers, may I congratulate you on finding this blog post and if you’re nothing something a little different I’m glad you’ve been keeping up with what I do. Today the blog features the stunningly beautiful Kelsey who has graced the pages on numerous occasions. You may remember her from when we dipped her into a vat of latex and let her roll around a cold dirty tunnel under the surface of the number 9.

We’ve got something out of the ordinary because I want to keep you all on your toes. No worries, I will never stop taking my models to the evil and dark abandon that I love but I wanted to do something in the warmth and something that showcased nothing but beauty. Who better than a model with long legs, long flowing hair, and a rear so perfect I get more instagram likes if they see her from behind than any of models from the front.

You are some dirty dirty humans and I thank you for that.

Location was stunning and featured not only a heater but windows, a bed, a headboard and some tables with lamps. All the luxuries any photographer dreams of. Enough of that location lets chat about the featured star of the day. Kelsey made the magic happen in front of the camera while Ms. Rachel Danielle and Kristin Lillig did the work behind the scenes. Makeup and hair provided by these ladies turned out spectacular and fit the sexy/hot feel brilliantly.

Gracias Kelsey for the kicking butt all day and wearing naughties to appease the audience. Now we have a collection of kickass images unlike we’ve done before. Go team!!! Can’t wait for the next adventure but I won’t promise such a clean location next time.

Ok you crazy kids, go stare at some pictures and enjoy them slowly…

Kelsey Ironworks-0001 Kelsey Ironworks-0002 Kelsey Ironworks-0003 Kelsey Ironworks-0004 Kelsey Ironworks-0005 Kelsey Ironworks-0006 Kelsey Ironworks-0007 Kelsey Ironworks-0008 Kelsey Ironworks-0009 Kelsey Ironworks-0010 Kelsey Ironworks-0011 Kelsey Ironworks-0012 Kelsey Ironworks-0013 Kelsey Ironworks-0014 Kelsey Ironworks-0015 Kelsey Ironworks-0017 Kelsey Ironworks-0018 Kelsey Ironworks-0019 Kelsey Ironworks-0020 Kelsey Ironworks-0021 Kelsey Ironworks-0022 Kelsey Ironworks-0023 Kelsey Ironworks-0024 Kelsey Ironworks-0025 Kelsey Ironworks-0026 Kelsey Ironworks-0027 Kelsey Ironworks-0028 Kelsey Ironworks-0029 Kelsey Ironworks-0030 Kelsey Ironworks-0031 Kelsey Ironworks-0032 Kelsey Ironworks-0033 Kelsey Ironworks-0034 Kelsey Ironworks-0035 Kelsey Ironworks-0036 Kelsey Ironworks-0037 Kelsey Ironworks-0038 Kelsey Ironworks-0039 Kelsey Ironworks-0040

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