Skulls, Rivers, and Jordan…

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Skulls, Rivers, and Jordan…

How do you start your return to doing crazy things? Well… you do crazy things with crazy people. In comes Jordan traveling from the MKE area and joining me on an adventure with a skull and some water. So I know you’re asking yourself where I find skulls to shoot with. If you didn’t ask yourself that then I’m still going to answer you so good luck trying to stop me.

Shout out to the lady with bones Ms. Busy Bones Bailey Snider herself. Check out her Facebook page and maybe even pick up some art for yourself. Gracias my dear and thank you for the last minute solid.

Not every adventure is without it’s minor disasters. We had a very easy shoot in a very secluded place. Minus the tubers who came just before we were finished but we already rocked the best stuff so it was whatever. The only crazy part was the ridiculous shortcut we took that ended up being a little messy. Mud is no joke and this was not your regular mud. This was waist deep quick sand mud and it almost ate me but I’m still here and all the gear survived. Go good luck!

Well, shit, I’m rambling. Thank you Jordan for traveling to meet with me today and you rocked it. Until our next shoot.

Jordan Skull-0006-2664x1779 Jordan Skull-0015-2664x1778 Jordan Skull-0016-2664x3991 Jordan Skull-0023-2664x1778 Jordan Skull-0026-2664x1778 Jordan Skull-0039-2664x3991


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