Red Hair and a Dirty Warehouse…

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Red Hair and a Dirty Warehouse…

Back by popular demand we have a Decayed Beauty favorite. With her flowing red hair, badass ink, and super awesome model bod Lacie came to town and rocked the shit out of this shoot.

Traveling from the far north she brought the warmth of a sunshine filled day into our dark and dingy shoot. The warmth helped slightly because these old brick building take basically forever to warm up so even though we look like a happy bunch don’t let all the smiles fool you.

The shoot went like clockwork because of the expertise of said badass model. Spot to spot to spot rocking every which way and viola look at the all the wonderful pics. Look at them!

Alright that’s enough of my nonsense. Enjoy the images and you all better thank Lacie for being such a super awesome human. Good night and fuck off.

Lacie Warehouse-0001 Lacie Warehouse-0002 Lacie Warehouse-0003 Lacie Warehouse-0005 Lacie Warehouse-0004 Lacie Warehouse-0006 Lacie Warehouse-0007 Lacie Warehouse-0009 Lacie Warehouse-0010 Lacie Warehouse-0011 Lacie Warehouse-0012 Lacie Warehouse-0013 Lacie Warehouse-0014 Lacie Warehouse-0015 Lacie Warehouse-0016 Lacie Warehouse-0017 Lacie Warehouse-0018 Lacie Warehouse-0019 Lacie Warehouse-0020 Lacie Warehouse-0021 Lacie Warehouse-0022 Lacie Warehouse-0023 Lacie Warehouse-0024 Lacie Warehouse-0026 Lacie Warehouse-0025 Lacie Warehouse-0027 Lacie Warehouse-0028 Lacie Warehouse-0029 Lacie Warehouse-0030 Lacie Warehouse-0031 Lacie Warehouse-0032 Lacie Warehouse-0033 Lacie Warehouse-0034 Lacie Warehouse-0036 Lacie Warehouse-0035 Lacie Warehouse-0037 Lacie Warehouse-0038 Lacie Warehouse-0039 Lacie Warehouse-0040 Lacie Warehouse-0041 Lacie Warehouse-0042 Lacie Warehouse-0043 Lacie Warehouse-0044