Go Go Chasing Arriane in the Waterfalls…

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Go Go Chasing Arriane in the Waterfalls…

I had the most luckiest opportunity of them all. My other most favorite human the world visited me from the great land of Michigan to adventure for a day making pictures and stuff.

Besides the extremely frequent bastard child showing up to take a selfie this adventure brought many a great photos and we were super stoked with the results. Shout out the Arriane for making the trip and my secret agent on the scene keeping an eye out for people who actually use areas like this for sight seeing.

Now go look at pics and wait for more awesomeness from us. Miss your face Arriane!Becky-0024-2664x1778 Becky-0027-2664x1779 Becky-0032-2664x1778 Becky-0034-2664x1778 Becky-0036-2664x1778 Becky-0038-2664x1778 Becky-0041-2664x1778 Becky-0042-2664x1778 Becky-0044-2664x1778 Becky-0046-2664x3991 Becky-0047-2664x3990 Becky-0048-2664x1779 Becky-0050-2664x1778 Becky-0052-2664x1778 Becky-0055-2664x3991


  1. She is beautiful, Chris! You did a great job as usual! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work.

    Portage, Wisconsin

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