Fitness Model Adventures with Laura…

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Fitness Model Adventures with Laura…

It’s not often that i get to hang out with physically fit people… wait… no I do, but what I mean is someone who actually works hard at it and makes themselves into a god damned statue. Laura here is a long time model who I get to work with on occasion since she’s busting up the gyms and I’m typically eating donuts while editing so I cherish the time we get to rock.

We decided on a very last minute setup to make this shoot happen and boy did it turn out better than expected. From setup to shoot we spent like an hour making random things up and just rocked it. Minus the nasty location and all it’s grossness we made some awesomeness happen.

I do have to admit that when the lighting is perfect that physique makes it look even better. Gracias abs and muscles and stuff.

Well I have shit to do so that’s it and thank you so much Laura for making the trip and rocking the off season bod in the in season location.

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