Cali Madness at the Warehouse…

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Cali Madness at the Warehouse…

The only sad part about setting up shoots is the unexpected changes that can happen quicker than you’d love to imagine. Today I had a shoot setup with an amazing model and had the wardrobe and everything ready to go and then it all went away and I had a location booked with no one to shoot. One Facebook post later and viola I was back in action.

Gracias Cali for running in the save the day and doing to darn great job to boot. All I can say is that she wowed the camera and amazingness followed.

Go stare at these images and do so as often as you desire.

Alison Warehouse-0010-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0038-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0034-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0028-4005x2674 Alison Warehouse-0021-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0017-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0033-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0047-4005x2674 Alison Warehouse-0059-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0061-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0092-4005x2674 Alison Warehouse-0067-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0083-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0079-4006x2674 Alison Warehouse-0078-4005x2674 Alison Warehouse-0076-4005x2674 Alison Warehouse-0097-4005x2674

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