Beauty in Decay – Electrified

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Beauty in Decay – Electrified

I got to pretend that I was a clothing designer. I wasn’t given cloth but I was given a pile of electric cords and lights…

Noel is another one of my fave people to work with. She is a peach and smiles literally the entire time even though the temp was around 50 degrees the entire time we had to get her ready. Who else was there? My all time bestest makeup and styling artist Rachel Danielle of rdArtistry.

We spent forever wrapping Noel with this bright big buck hunter orange cord and after a few tries finally got a deign that looked good and held together without any special tools. The short walk from the design room to the evil looking elevator was a major concern and we only had to adjust the darn thing about a million times till it back to awesome.

This entire shoot revolved around only using the lighting attached to the model. Plugs everywhere and fire hazards being created we made it work and in the end it owns a special place in my heart since it was a technical feat regardless if anyone enjoys this.

Shout out to you Miss Rachel who left me for the beaches and beautiful sunsets of Cali earlier this year and you do know I have to travel out to you just so you can rock some more shoots with me in the future.

Pics below. Look at them.