Attack of the Wood Nymph…

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Attack of the Wood Nymph…

Good evening blog-o-sphere readers. On todays edition of Decayed Beauty models in crazy places I’ve taken the ever amazing, stunning, beautiful Mel and stuck her in a forest.

It was literally that simple because when you have a model that can emote as well as pose without looking like a disabled hamster all I have to do is push buttons. Feels good knowing that I did zero work and got all these amazing pics. If your’e not getting good pics then call Mel up and have her join you on a shoot and instantly gain +100 photography levels.

So we enter the wood like a bunch of hoodlums and find a spot right where people can see us. I find some cools spots and bam, we have nude model in the forest. Thankfully the light was always on our side so I didn’t have to actually take the camera off auto. I did use my super secret helper on this adventure for a little reflector fill but that’s a secret so don’t tell no one.

I think we spent a little over an hour exploring and shooting and when it came to pack up we were on a mission for part 2 of our adventure. I won’t bore you with those just yet so just hold on to your panties and wait a while so I can finish them and fix my mistakes.

Thank you so much Mel for making the trip and rocking this shoot. Cannot wait to see your crazy face again soon. Till then, let’s just all stare at pics of her.

Mel Woods-0001 Mel Woods-0002 Mel Woods-0003 Mel Woods-0004 Mel Woods-0005 Mel Woods-0006 Mel Woods-0007 Mel Woods-0008 Mel Woods-0009Mel Woods-0010
Mel Woods-0011 Mel Woods-0012 Mel Woods-0013 Mel Woods-0014 Mel Woods-0015 Mel Woods-0016Mel Woods-0017 Mel Woods-0018 Mel Woods-0019 Mel Woods-0020 Mel Woods-0021