You want to know about the mad man behind the scenes? Well I love to write but hate writing about myself so be grateful this page is even here.

The Science of Madness

Yeah I’m not your average blogger looking for happy responses and constant applause from the crowds. I’m here to show the world what I love doing and share what I find to be kickass enough that I have to write something about it. I live a life of smiles and good times yet I have a dark and passionate side that I want to unleash. I want to use my talents and be artistic not just with my camera but with the design ability, writing and general badassary that comes with growing up in good ole Rockford, Illinois. This site probably isn’t for you but that’s the way it should be. Enjoy it if you do and come back if you want.

Decayed Beauty Creative Team



The Writer

I use words good. Not sure why but I seem to enjoy writing about things that interest me. I know my grammar isn’t always perfect but you have to believe me that I’m trying my best darn it!

The Photographer

Crazy lumberjack looking guy who caries a camera instead of an axe. I like long walks on the beach at night, scary movies, cupcakes from The Sweetery and whiskey.

The Mad Man

I like things to be odd so here is a third profile for myself. Why? I just told you!

There are three responses to a art – yes, no, and WTF! WTF is the one to aim for. – Emma Royd